Wednesday, April 16, 2014

...the month is going!

The end of March found me mothering (or pretending) my cool niece and nephews while their parents spent a couple days in the states. I don't see them as much as I should so it was fun getting that time. 

It was also amazing to have him there when he wasn't working. Always good to have a second entertainer so I could get other things done!

Joshy poshy!

inseparable much fun! I was saying before..second entertainer....I believe he needed a few more arms.

Teaching ...or trying to teach Micah how to make a next kind of kite.

A birthday party for Kaylah

 We took the "family" to the beach. The trees were as fun to climb as the sand and the water, much to the dismay of many Grenadians reminding me they should not be up there and I am responsible for them. If they only knew how much they are in trees!

It was a tiring morning!!! It was ended with some yummy chicken from KFC but no pictures were taken!

...waiting for the parent's flight to arrive

and here it comes...right over our heads. I don't think I will ever get tired of sitting right under those mighty jets and feeling the wind as they clear the fence right above me.

In other things...My hubby and I along with others at times have been doing quite a bit of fishing. Fishing for meat is a lot cheaper than buying chicken after all...and relaxing.

 This does not qualify for a fish but it was my first catch. It is called a Cong....and is far more nasty than a snake.

Yes this is the fishing line....from a bottle. Don't catches fish. 

excuse the sweaty's from the hike to the sea wearing a backpack :)

My two fish....

seasoned and ready to fry

..another beautiful sunset


the husband ready to cast
...we did "hold" (catch) some fish that night but I forgot to take a pix.

have you noticed the beautiful full moon these nights. If not step outside and take a look...or maybe go and fish!
This week is VBS with the Faith Seniors. Sometime I will update again and post pix of my lively 7 yr. olds and the next things about to happen in our lives!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sports and Birth DAYS

To wear RED or not to wear red? I live in a different area now but my allegiance is still where I once taught. I was given talk that I must now wear GREEN. No matter what color I chose someone wasn't going to be happy...thus I wore pink (it's closer to red anyways!)

ready and waiting for the day to start

running a few heats to determine who placed

Caleb pressing on

Awards table

Joshim did extremely well as usual

the littlest supporter for TEAM RED

this has got to be the worst ever....they go 100m little buddy near my new house!

Josh and Becky getting ready for next year


Micah sporting Dr. Suess


Grenadian colors

football kick

somebody had my shades more than I did

my lil red cuties

Leandrah had to make a crazy face. Carissa, Leah and Destiny

Joshim and the high jump

whatever works to get over it

liming on the back of the truck

Teacher's tug-a-war....LaBorie took the win!

Limes teachers

Laura teachers

...and then the parents!
...and team RED wins again!
..some people celebrate this way!
It was a month of birthdays for Sid, Bill and Jaxson. They had one big party of bbq chicken and a few other things that people brought.

Jaxson's supposed to be football cake. as you can see the icing wanted to get away!

Cute Caleb

he wasn't sure what to do other than get the flame. He soon had it figured out!