Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It has been a whirlwind and as my husband would say...we are in the "rat race." How did we get here this fast. I look back on my last blog. It looks so cold and long ago but some days it seems like we just arrived here and we have adjusting to do. I will not try to catch you up on our lives. It would take too long and I don't have the time. You see it's been so bad that you could drive passed my house at night and see the blinds unshut, the flower beds weedy, front grass long, and the garden...(just be glad it's in the back)....But I have a job. I have a husband that puts up with my overstressing....and I have food to cook (when I have time). Already running late for my 5 o'clock morning work today I was slowed down when my mug of hot tea went crashing to the floor. The little jig I had to do to avoid the boiling contents had my eyes open in no time. Really I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Sometimes it's not fun to be in a hurry. It's especially hard to relearn after living in a country that has no schedule. So here's to our life in the month of May. April slipped us by and we will leave it there.
I had a birthday. The BIG 3-0. Red Lobster is where he promised me we would go. 
We both ordered Lobster platters. Mine was rice heaped with crab legs, lobster tail and two kinds of shrimp. We had a coupon for a free dessert but we weren't feeling glutenous. 

Mom had a birthday and mother's day is always around the same time. This year it was a day apart. I had the family that it suited for lunch on Mother's Day. It was the first I cooked for so many people. It was fun making nutmeg chicken. 

Dad got more wood than he could ever cut himself so the sons and son-in-laws got together and did what they could in an evening. Only half of it I believe they said.

It was one of those weeks. Work, Doctor appts (for the hubby), and more work all the while preparing for a weekend at the cabin. I was so glad I had the weekend to push me through the week. Former LaBorie teachers spent the weekend at my parent's cabin. It was simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Fishing, walks, spikeball, rook, phase 10 and just wonderful talks catching up on life. I don't believe I have laughed so hard in a very long time. Really it was just like old times fast forwarded 5 years.
It's good this wasn't around when the "Blue House" lived together or LaBorie would have heard us even more. Competition was high!

All we did was walk up the field lane but till we returned there were deer ticks on Jaxson and I. There's a first for everything!

unfortunately the BIG catfish got away so we settled for blue gills the rest of the day. SIGH!

Bethany always was good at the kissy pictures and Melody was still trying to catch up with what to do...while all Jo cared about was that her "right side" was showing. Lol! I love them.

Her brother had us smitten with his cuteness but she sure is putting up a fight. So much fun and I will claim her as family!
He's big stuff...and his favorite word when we are around is "UNCLE."

filleting the multitudes

caught it with a hook, grilled it and ate it like a boss!

lush cabin beauty

He claimed he had the touch...apparently he did.

Till we meet in Indiana...It's been good! Real Good!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here (our new home)

God always puts me to the test and he always proves himself above and beyond what we ask. I can't tell you how many things came together financially and in ways of furniture/ furnishings in the first week or days we were in the states. Because of all this we were able to move into our house not even a week after we were here. God answers prayers in his timing. We didn't need them all answered when we were still in Grenada.

It's been extremely refreshing to be with family. So fun to at least convince the younger ones that I really am part of the family even though they don't know me. I have a niece that beams when she sees "BUCKET"...and will call his name in church when we are there. It took a day or two till she figured out we were here and not in Grenada anymore.

My applesauce making helpers!

Then there was Jaxson. I don't think I ever saw a little boy more confused. Although he was told he is going to Uncle's house it couldn't be comprehended. He stared and was speechless till he got in the house and realized what was going on. It was soon only "uncle, UNCLE, UNCLE." His parents came by us the first weekend we were in our house. It gave me motivation to get the house in order in TWO days!
 ...from this...

Bill helped B finish up the kitchen. The cupboards were already finished so it was the walls and ceiling.

Work. Since Grenada took me away from all my awesome yard fowl and chicks, I returned to the hatchery and work with them there. It is just part time work for the time but we are surviving. I am not accustomed to the housewife/working routine so that is taking a little to get used too. So far I have done a little bit of everything at the hatchery from setting eggs to delivering chicks.

And now the dining room is almost finished. Room #2 of eleven finished!

One cold, snowy night we knotted a comfort with my sis-in-law.

And a long overdue relaxing time with my long lost friends. 
"Martin Gang"...with a few school age kids missing.

This weekend finds us babysitting Daryl Weaver's kids. It was a beautiful night last night only to awaken to snow this morning!





...and this sums up our life stateside for the time. Stop in and visit us anytime. We love visitors.

Isn't this baldy the cutest?

Until next time. Peace and Love.

There (the other home)

I almost don't wanna blog about that week that took place almost a month ago. It's hard to look back on those pictures and not miss it. I'll admit my eyes get teary. Life goes on.
Dad and the husband concreted a slab for the long missing water tank. That took  a day and then they hooked it up the next. It was lovely to have the parents stay by us the first few days.

Some time on the beach with family

My family...or some of them. Can't wait to be reunited this summer and all be together for the first time in three years!

A farewell/service out on the point with church!

This is one lucky 14 year old niece who got to spend a week visiting her friend and family. It was a great surprise for Kaylah.
...and enjoying punch and running on rocks and other sorts of things that this age does. It's hard for me to imagine I was the same but how well I KNOW if I'd ask my mother she would probably say yes.

And then there was Sports Day that we squeezed in as well.

I'm pretty sure they have more style than I had at their age.

Supporting their colors!

...and out for supper with friends our last night in Greenz.

Three weeks ago we arrived at the airport with the final goodbyes and tears behind. My name came over the intercom about luggage. Now what? Roti skins AGAIN? Into the back we went and the man viciously whipped open my suitcase. The zipper zipped right off the end and that was the end of that one. Well zipper number two was also broken. So we are left standing there with a HUGE quilt that I had wrapped around a carry on suitcase that enclosed my beloved sewing machine. All I could picture was my husband(that's what husbands are for) dragging this enormous quilt onto the plane with us..that was our only option if we checked the carry on in for itself. My little prayer was answered and that other zipper that was off the track was miraculously got back on and it arrived in JFK still closed! After saying the "wrong" things to the immigration officer we were once again ushered to the back room for further questioning on why my husband was coming to the states. The whole way to the back room the man was telling us what we should say...only it would have been a lie. After all he's the one that made us give extra details in the first place. All went well in the back room and through customs
That's the troublesome blue suitcase there on the bottom of the stack.
Was good to have Bumper meet us at the airport. . Snow and heavy breeze welcomed us as we waited outside for the shuttle to pick us up. My lips were purple and my toes froze till we ever got to our coats inside the truck. Dad and B spent an hour trying to cover down the suitcases so they weren't buried in snow till we got home. I'll give it to my husband......he got me beat on not complaining. It was a rude awakening and I'm sure hard on the body!
 Cold fingers and snowy roads don't make for good photography.