Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've learned 
"that family and friends are what make us who we are today and without them we would never be complete."
This wedding to celebrate brought the dear niece and nephew by us again. We love when they come here. Congrats Jeff and Whitney.

They weren't even out the door when the Fox family started arriving at our house to enjoy the company of Kendall's since they returned. It has been quite a few years since we were all living stateside. A nice big back yard is fun to have when there is family to enjoy it with. 

 With burgers and hotdogs on the grill and homemade root beer with ice cream it was a lovely welcome home!
You can see some cousins are enjoying themselves. 

I'm not sure who was more excited to play some small goal football...Kendall and his boys or my husband?!!! These $5 yard sale find football nets have been paid off with all the use already.

After a super busy weekend like that we cleaned up the place for our next guests. Paul and Lynette arrived late Tuesday night and spent a few days by us till we headed to Belleville for the weekend.
It was grand. I love seeing my husband enjoy himself with his family. Not like he doesn't with mine but blood is blood. 
 Lee (right) lived in Grenada I don't know how many years ago. 15 possibly? He spent the afternoon by us and they caught up on life and lots more in the hours they could.
He brought along his three oldest boys. They were sure they couldn't talk to the two other men cuz their dad was talking different to them and they didn't know how to talk like that. HaHa! Lee's Grenadian talk came back to him like nothing. 
Lynette took over the entertaining with some book reading after I finished some games of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. 

While the men fished Lynette and I enjoyed the beauty and catching up on life. I was feeling a little bad since I had to work a bunch of the time they were here. They did spend some time visiting other friends and family.

The night was successful.

oh the beauty.

They held five nice size Bass. The biggest was 16 inches I believe.  Lets just say they produced some nice fish fillets that we enjoyed for supper...and still have some waiting to be enjoyed!

 ....and Friday we headed to the big valley of Belleville.
Jaxson....his cuteness usually overrides the trouble he likes to give.

Grilling....we ate a lot of grilled food. That's what summer is for.

His uncle spoils him.

McKenzie....she's as cute as can be....hopefully it takes awhile yet before she realizes it.

She wanted her aunt...sitting with the men was too boring.

this little man....

I need not say more...they are all related! lol.

an electronic monopoly game that took forever.

Cooling she self with some shades! (excuse the just fits more better)

Spike ball

He's my favorite. ...and she just might top the lists on his chart as well!

Sometimes you need a few secret strategies to get the game back!

Strawberry milkshakes after some competitive spike ball.

Uncle teaching he nephew some more football skills so he can wreck his mother's house!
Belleville is a nice place to visit but I will take back my noisy house by a main road and civilization and lots of shopping within a few miles.

That seems to sum up our life the last while. Bucket has been working at my brother's house most evenings the past 2 weeks or so. It hasn't given any time to be bored...or at least not for me. 

work. work.
While the hubby works we hang out. She got my scarf off my head and proceeded to try and wear it. She looked like a cute little hippie!

...and this is beans...and take this times 3. Yes three pickings like this. I am done seeing them!

My beans  and tomatoes are reproducing at higher rates of speed than I can use. They are being given away. I still have tomatoes to can yet but I am realizing how hard it is to make your plants only produce on Monday's when you have off work. Yeah it's not working so well for me. I'm thankful for a mother who nicely canned the beans for me while I was working. I cleaned them and put them in jars and she did the canning.

And a new nephew joined the Fox family. So much fun.
Jude Liam enjoys ballgames with his aunt.... Or I like to think so anyway!

Monday, June 22, 2015

In the last month...

Another month has passed. After that fun weekend at the cabin with friends we spent the following weekend with family.

This little miss was my daughter from Fri-Saturday till her parents came. She liked to copy her grandpa. We left her door open to sleep but forgot a light. She woke up crying in her pak-n-play and her auntie was to blame..."Angie put me in here." She slept the rest of the night with her cousins.

 Her brother had to have a tooth surgically removed so that is why they came late.

We went up earlier than the rest so they could dig out for the new fire pit.

Discussions? Debates?...some might call it arguments. All is well that ends well :) I mean...the pant legs are even up!

Aleah adores Lauren and will not be put down unless Lauren can get away and hide!

one last boat ride...since the pond is being drained. I'm rather bummed about that!

 I'll leave you guess who wasn't impressed with this 6+ foot guy. You can tell it wasn't Isaac. He drove the 4-wheeler back while his dad held it like this on the stick!

 He loved this dog...or any dog!
 Call me biased but he is really cute.
 a turtle getting some initials carved in him. He was a feisty one and refused to stay inside his shell.
A walk.
games and more games.

We had a little date night. My hubby whooped me in mini-golf.
...and then I drug him to Starbucks. He had to admit it wasn't too bad.

And then there was the time where three brothers were reunited and spent the weekend all in the same house. It made for late nights and yummy food (some we even caught)


My yard sale finds 

The poor girl....

Bethany and Judah so nicely left us come and fish in a pond on their grandparents land. It took awhile but we were successful and grilled those babies Sunday lunch.

The husband played in a 3 vs. 3 small goal football tournament. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun to sit and watch him do what he enjoys.

And they managed to pull through and win. They are a fun group of guys.

Last week Bucket helped my brother move the slats back in his chicken barn. We were enjoying our "after work" ice cream when in came Genie on his gator with some visitors from by gone days.
 I believe you can see they were excited to see each other. Pastor Raymond used to pastor with Bucket's father and lived in Grenada for many, many years.

Yesterday was Father's day. We celebrated with wings, fries, steak, burgers and salad. 

she is the most talkative 2 year old I know.  Adalyn



wild kiddos. Diving through the hula hoop.

He's my favorite. It has been an adjustment but God is faithful.

In other news....his paper work should be through before long. WE.HOPE. The attorney has everything he needs and just has to mail it to the higher powers. We are both more than ready for the "normal American life." You can keep it in your prayers as it comes to mind.