Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas and Boxing Day

Christmas Day was spent by my in-laws. Thaddeus went to the work of setting up a tarp above our heads for rain and sun.

There was enough food for another 15 people. It was all very delicious of course.

Chris and Katrina were there as well. It was lovely to spend the day with "family" to distract from the family things stateside.

There was plenty of game playing.

I was the score keeper for Phase 10.

Some cute children anticipating cake and ice cream. I must say it was a pinterest success!

Boxing Day follows Christmas so it was a day of more food with church people on Calliste Bay

With the water so know the rest of the story. Soaking wet children.



Lots of visitors were here in the Limes for the holiday!


Fish net (hammock) fun


And that sums up the busy holiday season. Crusade in LaBorie starts tomorrow-Tuesday with Merle Burkholder from Canada. You can keep that in your prayers.
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Twas the week of Christmas

Since Christmas break is a long break of three weeks it started off with lots of little people by quite often. This is fine but please don't come too early like some of them were!


Becca and Kyla

Snyder children

The limes community had a kids Christmas party on the court so Cindy came by for assistance in making cakes...and more cakes...and more cakes. I was caked out. We ran out of gas too which didn't help speed up the baking process!

We decided to fish out on a different point. It's known for Congs (pictured below). I love fishing but I have this bad fear of taking the fish off the hook. I blame it on how wild they beat around and some of them can cut you bad. Thus my husband nicely unhooks them every time for me.  This night I would no more than throw my line and it would be chomped and I couldn't reel it in. That gets frustrating feeding Congs your hook, bait and sinker over and over again. Tired of busting my line for the 7th or more time I sat and enjoyed the peaceful night. I could feel the cong slacking sometimes, about to come out of it's hole and then my line would tighten. Sorry for this one, but he came out a little too far one time.  In to me he came.
He tangled his snakelike body around my line till he was a twisted mess. My husband sent him back to sea, lifeless. I don't mind snakes but these things are SO NASTY. Just look at their crocodile mouths on the next picture and they havv sharp teeth that you can't see!

 A neighbor lady died that was family to Bucket. She would invite them by on Cmas day ever since their father went missing. As you can see it was at a Catholic church. I wasn't too impressed and it's safe to say you won't catch me in one of those services again!

Lovely bouquets of flowers

Then there was live nativity at the mall on Monday and Tuesday night. 

Mary and Joseph valued their lives and limbs so they left the donkey tied.
Instead they had to walk!

The tents and bouncing castle in the background slightly ruined the affects!

Mary (Samara) and Joseph (Nick) and baby Jesus (neighbor boy Jesse)


and the youths did some singing.

 This brings us up to Cmas eve....
.....last year this time I was wishing I was down here. This year....well...all my family was together but us. One can never be satisfied I suppose. Our attempts to fish that night were met with security barring us from one place and rough water right here on this jetty where we fish a lot. We spent the evening at home.

I shall blog again a next day of Christmas Day followed by Boxing Day!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Warmth, Brunch & Kiddos

Saturday was the start of a weekend and a refreshing one by the poolside with the teachers!

I wasn't home much more than a half hour and Ronata (in red) showed up wanting to play...that being interpreted "I am hungry." Her mother has claimed they have food at home and she don't want to eat it and we are stupid for giving her when she comes begging! Oh the decisions to make. I left this one for my husband. He had a nice little talk with her before we gave her anything. She has been habitually taking clothing from neighbors so it is hard to look beyond that and see if there really is a need. As I listened to her play and talk to her "child," I could see a glimpse of why she acts the way she does by what she repeatedly must hear at home!
Although she is hard to trust and leave out of eyesight she NEVER gives us any trouble and plays and colors so nicely when she is here that it is hard to tell her she can't come inside. Another neighbor girl Shenivon joined her on this day.

Saturday night blessed us with a bright full moon and a lovely walk out to a point with the hubby.

 He's been busy painting for a neighbor. I joined him one day!

Each Sunday the children have an opportunity to say their memory verses for the church. The verses are not always the easiest for the Junior class but these siblings only missed two.
Giovoni and Keana
They acted all nervous and fidgety as we walked there. They said they were nervous. I'm not sure who they were scared of. The apprehension subsided rather soon and we spent a good two hours at KFC and then they still would have liked to walk the beach! I guess we weren't scary after all.

The ladies get together once a month for bible study. For the Christmas celebrations we had a brunch.

 I dropped at the top round about and walked to town from there. It was nice to take in some beautiful scenery and enjoy it since I had my camera with.
Cruise ships are in almost every day. Some days there are two...this day there were actually three. One was in at another port!

 Come and visit and you can see all this beauty first hand!

 Till I got home from town it was time to make snack and get ready for Bible club reward trip. 
About half of them that come on a regular basis were able to come because of good attendance/behavior.



Sand fight is fine with me as long as I'm not involved!

Chalisea, Shanika, Ms. Leann and Jamal


They had to be models. Shanika and Tamara



Last night was all the schools Christmas programs. I chose to support my family (and former students) in LaBorie. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will never tire of the enthhusiastic way these kids can sing. We need more of that stateside!
 Whole school
Go here to hear their lovely voices:

These little sweeties were there too in support of their uncle who is in Grade One.
Kayla couldn't let me hold her little sister with out her joining me as well! These two are so precious. How I wish I could take them to the states with me!

And here is their crazy mother, Kevona.