Monday, September 15, 2014

Exemplifying Who?

If you would pass through housing scheme in Grand Anse you were sure to hear her sweet African voice billowing hymns from her veranda. If it was not a day for singing it was most likely a day for crying out to God for the people and leaders of Grenada...or just maybe a prayer for you as you passed. Whatever the case she was a dear 75 yr. old lady that I would greet and smile and ask her how her day was. I always thought she looked like someone I should stop by and visit. I never did make it inside her fence....I never will. Last week her house burned and she died. Word in the place has it she had the "gunya" and couldn't get out of bed. (I can believe it. I am under half her age and could hardly get out of bed) I've never understood how concrete houses burn but apparently they do if they catch the curtains and such. It's sad walking by....but the words I'm sure are rolling from her lips in an eternal place far better than this island. I didn't know her personally but her life exemplified God. What example am I leaving?
This is cute little 2 yr. old Shawn (new pastor's kid) His parents were both sick and were finding it rather hard to entertain him. He was happy to come by and play with our toys for a morning.

Since the sickness doesn't take everyone at once....I got to substitute two days last week. It was good again....and rather stressful. The good outweighed the bad!

I started Bible club with Leann. There weren't as many there as could possibly come. I am told that quite a few of them have the "gunya" as well.

They have lots of energy. I need to get my name brain working again. I finally think I know most of the kiddos around here!

Since we were both feeling better we walked out to Hallelujah point to do some fishing.
Till we returned home we realized how achy our bones were still and not quite back to their normal walking capacity.

It was beautiful nonetheless

And we got quite a few fish

 Although it is rainy season, it don't seem to be raining that much. It goes in spells it seems. Last week it poured (and thundered) almost the whole night. It takes a bit to sleep with loudness on your tin roof. If you look closely at this picture you will see our water tank was buckling. After the drenching rain it appeared to be even more. We cut off the water and decided to drain it and go from there.
What started as a dreary morning got beautiful and we decided to fish. On the way home we were discussing our "tank dilemma." I told my husband something needs to happen or we will soon have it in bed with us some night and it will most likely take out our washer along with it when it goes. We attempted the shortcut home "over the hills" but turned around when it was too muddy and we were sliding downward more than making upward progress.
Muddy steps and a stream of water greeted us as we reached home. I told Bucket he can go and look cuz I don't even wanna see the damage.

It didn't quite make it through the house but it managed rip part of the spouting and  bust a pipe on the way down which had water running for who knows how long. The next water bill will be evident of the length I am sure. It managed to get a small puddle in our room. It must have spewn water with force as it rolled because it got in the closed kitchen window and muddied my clean dishes, sink and floor. It's probably good we weren't home and the place was closed up or we would have had much more water inside.

 Today I made a quick trip to Laborie which was too happen many times the past while but due to sickness, rain and substituting got postponed!

 Celina and Abijah

Kindergartners and potty time.

Break time

Due to two schools partially combining a lot of the classes have between 6-9 students. All this extra room in this nice school sure came in handy!

And some time by my favorite Grenadian littles. My godchild is no longer living in LaBorie so I didn't get to see him...but his dear sister Kayla enjoyed the time. She pretended she was sleeping until her mother told her we are going to town. She was heartbroken to stay home. Her mother is supposed to make a child any day. Three kids...three and under and this dear little 20 month old still is not walking. Keep Kevona and her family in your prayers. 

And that is life to date. I need to go finish brownies for ladies Bible study here tomorrow. We shall see how many women we can cram in this house!

Sunday school challenge I was in need of: 
1 Cor. 16:13; Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oregon Trail

Playing Oregon Trail as a child I many times left my people die from diseases such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue because of lack of supplies or money. I can was maybe for their well being. 
I started with rash on Sunday and knew the doom that awaited me even though I still felt fine. Monday I awoke with achey bones and I could hardly walk. Till afternoon the fever set in. The talk around the place is that it isn't dengue or chikungunya. According to them it's something in the air because a mosquito could never do that. Well I do believe mosquitoes are in the air (if they're not on me). Whatever the disease, it is not a fun one at all and I would not wish it on anyone. This, by far, was worse than malaria....or maybe I just forget. I don't believe I ever wanna get old if that is how you feel.
The rash supposedly gets really itchy and to prevent it my mother-in-law sent me some cola nuts to blend up and drink. With no appetite, drinking dirt was enough to put anyone under all over again. My husband thought I could sweeten it. Dirt is dirt....sugar or no sugar in it unfortunately.
But today is a new day. Sunshine followed by rain and then more sun. Being sick makes me appreciate health so much more. Although I am feeling entrapped in my house, I believe I will wait till tomorrow to venture out again.
I can identify with Mark Twain right now.
 "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not."

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family, Fun & Friends

We spent a day by my mother-in-law Rose since we are back. I thought that I have a lot of steps to climb but not nearly as many as she. Here is the bottom part...which just got steps added to it as well. I believe the count is somewhere in the 50's now!

She may have lots of steps to walk to her house but it is very nice!

from the top to the bottom

 Rebeka and Melanie distracting me from taking football pictures.

 Since boredom has become a norm....Ginger and I and the twins spent a few hours at the pool before the boys returned from the states. 

With the much anticipated supply of water and rainy season comes the dreaded disease carrying mosquitoes. 
Here they are walking around spraying to kill them. Dengue or chickungunya have gotten the best of numerous people I know. For the amount of mosquitoes eating me in the night and living in our house it seems like it's only a matter of time.
Some little people come by on occasion. 

Sunday afternoon we sang at the Grand Anse Home. 

Two of the ladies had us distracted as they fought over a book each calling the other one a thief. 

Jade and BJ wanted to show me they could "hold" a wild chicken. After setting the noose, the second try yielded one. We told them they better leave it go though since the neighbor man lays claim to the 50+ wild chickens in the neighborhood. 
speaking of can see they are reproducing at high rates of speed. I enjoy feeding the little chicks.

Unfortunately I didn't have any before pictures but this was all VERY overgrown. Thanks to my husband it is all cleared up and I can maybe plant. I did venture and plant some watermelon...we shall see if it grows fast enough that the chickens don't get it!
We had a one night crusade in Hopevale. It was fun to see a few of the Bible Club kids from when I taught in LaBorie. They still knew "Fox"....last names are easier to pronounce than firsts!

My dear friend Alana wanted me to go with her to her son's orientation for secondary school. I wen,t not knowing I would be sitting for the next 3 hours, but it gave me a clearer insight on what secondary school is all about.
Not all the teachers were there to meet us because of the dreaded sicknesses going on!
 This little man finally got his first haircut so he can go to's not very low but he looks so much different.

Joshim looking nice in his uniform

Finbar also passed for Wesley College

We haven't got out fishing much yet since we returned, but my spear fishing brother supplied us with some!
This is a porcupine or blow fish. They puff up really big. We decided it was too much work for our liking since you have to hand pick each quill out so we gave it to the neighbor man. He had his pliers all ready for the task!

Even a sea cat(bottom) was tasty, breaded and fried, and put on top of my salad!

As the thunder rolls and the rain pours right now on my beach day...I'm thankful for God's promises.
I'm alive, I'm healthy and I have a reason to live. God has been stretching us here in ways that we could not make it without his patience and love. In all His goodness God came through yesterday in a devotional I read..."then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God'?" John 11:40 and Phil. 4:19 "My God shall supply all your needs..."

Cemetery Hill

How we miss this little man and his family. I am ever so thankful for skype as a means of communication. As you can see the feelings are mutual. I don't believe he will be forgetting us any time soon. 

I dug up this from the ocean floor.
 Last week was my first day on the beach since I returned. Except for a major down pour it was a beautiful day. It's beauty always remains! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stateside Wrap up

The remainder of our time stateside was filled up with family and friends before we returned home.
 Adalyn and Aleah
Dad fixed while we painted.

Bill, Brenda and Jaxson spent a weekend in Lancaster so we made the most of it. Went to September Farms and a few other places in the area.
 He's pretty much spoiled but oh well!

can't run now!

House full of family!

 ...these two....I'll leave it at that!

 And then there was a lovely baby shower for Bethany Clapper. It was not only fun to be there to celebrate that but also to see friends again.

A week following that the "blue house" was reunited for the day. It was a beautiful morning spent at a coffee shop followed by a cloudless pool day in the afternoon.

Babysat this cutie one day.

boys and well I remember riding these for hours as a child...well not these but some like them!

 painting some more for the family

stopped in to see my cousins kids and they were all ready to play some football!

....and then the niece finally arrived. So so happy McKenzie Rose made here appearance before our departure. We spent Wedns-Fri by them, so I held her till my heart was content.

it's supposed to be a kiss

 We had so much fun taking her pictures.

Jaxson is still cute as can be

she is simply precious!

So sad to think she will probably be crawling till I see her again!

I bought bananas and rock fig since we came back....the rest of this delicious fruit was given to us from family. If I didn't have a husband, this alone I would be living off of! It's good I have a husband...there's much more to life than the yummy oil down that came along with the fruit!

Our flight was delayed 3 hours leaving JFK but rather late than never I suppose. Finally, after circling two times with the runway in view, we landed. (we had to burn fuel before we could land.)

We left Grenada just as the rains were starting to fall. We returned to a much overgrown and weedy place. Thunderstorms rumbled through last night as our little house on the hill rattled with it. There's nothing quite so peaceful as falling asleep to tingling rain on a tin roof. 
And now it's back to life here. I will admit it is not something I looked forward too. Pray for the churches here and for us (or me) as we adjust back into this life again.

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~Socrates