Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stateside Wrap up

The remainder of our time stateside was filled up with family and friends before we returned home.
 Adalyn and Aleah
Dad fixed while we painted.

Bill, Brenda and Jaxson spent a weekend in Lancaster so we made the most of it. Went to September Farms and a few other places in the area.
 He's pretty much spoiled but oh well!

can't run now!

House full of family!

 ...these two....I'll leave it at that!

 And then there was a lovely baby shower for Bethany Clapper. It was not only fun to be there to celebrate that but also to see friends again.

A week following that the "blue house" was reunited for the day. It was a beautiful morning spent at a coffee shop followed by a cloudless pool day in the afternoon.

Babysat this cutie one day.

boys and well I remember riding these for hours as a child...well not these but some like them!

 painting some more for the family

stopped in to see my cousins kids and they were all ready to play some football!

....and then the niece finally arrived. So so happy McKenzie Rose made here appearance before our departure. We spent Wedns-Fri by them, so I held her till my heart was content.

it's supposed to be a kiss

 We had so much fun taking her pictures.

Jaxson is still cute as can be

she is simply precious!

So sad to think she will probably be crawling till I see her again!

I bought bananas and rock fig since we came back....the rest of this delicious fruit was given to us from family. If I didn't have a husband, this alone I would be living off of! It's good I have a husband...there's much more to life than the yummy oil down that came along with the fruit!

Our flight was delayed 3 hours leaving JFK but rather late than never I suppose. Finally, after circling two times with the runway in view, we landed. (we had to burn fuel before we could land.)

We left Grenada just as the rains were starting to fall. We returned to a much overgrown and weedy place. Thunderstorms rumbled through last night as our little house on the hill rattled with it. There's nothing quite so peaceful as falling asleep to tingling rain on a tin roof. 
And now it's back to life here. I will admit it is not something I looked forward too. Pray for the churches here and for us (or me) as we adjust back into this life again.

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~Socrates

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stateside visit continued...

Our Second weekend in the states weas spent at the cabin with family. It was a fun, relaxing weekend. Kris, Reynold, my hubby and I stayed up till Monday. It was quite peaceful after the storm of children left.
There was a lot of fishing done and a lot of blue gills caught. We fried them and ate them much to most peoples thinking they weren't worth dodging the bones over. Hey they are bigger than most we catch in greenz!

Happy Aleah

kids enjoyed the kayaking but were limited in space with all the fishermen

Even the kids enjoyed Kan Jam

What's not to love about drinks that are for the taking whenever?

She's my sister and she has an adorable little guy. Crazy how life changes us so quickly.

Really he does like me...he just has a thing for BIG eyes!

Lots of children. Sixteen to be exact!


Reynold and his big bass catch. My husband did catch one almost the same size also in the Susquehanna! This one made some good eating!

We tried for a family was a joke! Better luck next time!

 AJ and all his cuteness

They are a troublesome crew

Dragon fly pond beauty.

Following a weekend at the cabin my husband and I spent a few days pretty much driving to GA and home again on a chick delivery. Considering that I am the only one that could drive we had to stop once to take a cat nap so I could make it the 16 hours before the chicks suffocated. Did I mention I had enough chick feathers on my skirt I could have got close to stuffing a pillow, the chicks didn't shut up at all once the sun came up(except for 2 seconds when you clapped), and the AC had to be on FULL BLAST THE ENTIRE WAY...because the ones in the back still had their beaks hanging open from the warmth.
All ready to go.

Driving on the outskirts of Atlanta

Our delivery was an hour from a main town. This is what we saw for miles and miles...too many miles actually. I have decided I couldn't live in GA ...or not that part anyway. The manager of the company invited us to stay for lunch in their restaurant. It was a southern setting in every extreme. Mexicans with limited English unloaded the chicks for us. A cheery African lady making the food served us heaping plates of squash, potatoes, strew chicken and cornbread, all washed down with southern brewed tea to wash it down. (did I mention we had just ate sandwiches before we reached?) You can't turn down southern hospitality though. I really wanted to take a picture of my large plate of food but the owner was sitting across from us trying to convince my husband to come work for him...whether he has a green card or not. In fact he could get him any color card if he wanted! *lame* After driving in the middle of no where for so long we were far from convinced!

after our delivery we opened all the windows up and the chick fuzz flew everywhere!

We got a motel for a few hours so I could get some sleep to make it the next 16 hours. It wasn't the nicest but it helped and we were soon on the road again.

Until the next blog...have a super weekend.
This is who I have been enjoying the last two days! Simply wonderful!