Friday, February 20, 2015

The Last (on this side)

With internet being cut off next week and no internet stateside...this may be the last blog for a while or ever.
Valentines was spent out for supper with three other couples from church on the 13th. I forgot to take pictures. The weekend was spent by Sheila and Shonda with some of the other couples for a Valentine's meal and taking some pictures of her cute kiddos. It was a fun weekend but I was ready to be back in my house again! sober as they come!
The above pictures were random shots.
This one below wasn't. Brody wasn't too happy with us. While taking his individual picture the wheel barrow got the best of him!

Sheila did a wonderful job of a nice romantic dinner with amazing food. It's always fun to eat someone elses cooking sometimes!

 I love this man.
NO lights, candles burning, phone flash= not so nice pictures. 

Bottoms up! My furry fuzzy chicks are hatching a lot these days!

They might run away from home but I'm sure their mother enjoys the break...and usually knows where to find them!

Angelica and Himron

He loved his lego war with my husband

Himron, Duminee, (forget the blue shirt boy's name), and Xaviar
Limes boys in their cuteness!



 I hope these boys like to have their picture taken even when they get BIG! Kaiden Snyder and Shawn Lapp

Today was Cross Country for the schools. The older ones ran approximately three miles and the younger ones a mile.
 A few stayed back because rain was falling and some have asthma ...or so they say!
Kenyon Mahon and Hannah Francis

Javohndo may not excel in school but he got first place today for the younger ones.
My dear nephew got first last year and had high hopes again since he was running with his uncle. Unfortunately their place in the lead got off course from a wrong turn. Parents were to be directing along the route but due to rain some didn't come and some didn't know what they were doing. It happens.
He still got fourth or fifth place
and had a smile on his face at the end!

Brianna Coutain placed second....just a little behind her rival Brianna Noel.

Keron Mahon

And even the "babies" ran. Jatan and Josh did so good for being kindergartners! Josh's twin enjoyed a nice "walk" with a friend!

A good reminder for me here...and something to keep in perspective as we move to the states!
There's always someone in worse shoes!

Friday, February 13, 2015

February it is. It's hot, dry, and breezy. The month is almost halfway gone already. sigh.

It's hard to believe it's been one whole year already that I've been married to this wonderful man. He truly is so extremely good for me.
Marriage is a wonderful thing. It's good to have the first year behind us though. We look forward to many more!

February 7 is Independence Day. The churches had a picnic and cooked the national dish.

Kyla...or little Cindy as I call her.

oil was deliciously made by Sammy.

A few wore their Independence colors!

 Sailing festival was also held the other weekend on the beach. I was wishing so badly I had remembered my camera but alas phone pictures had to work!

Sports Day is coming up for most schools. I went to Wesley College Sports day on Wednesday. It was good to see how secondary schools do it!
I went in support of Alana's son Joshim. He didn't disappoint us. He placed first in three events that I was there for!
He must be a former LaBorie student!!!!!

It was close!

This cutie, Anaya, sat with me some of the time while her grandmother jumped up and down for TEAM YELLOW!

 Yellow marching ban won first place as well!

Sporting our Yellow!!!

I could live off of fresh produce. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, mandarines...mmmm.  I have a feeling my garden stateside will be full and overflowing!

Happy Valentines Day!