Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People and Peepers!

She's just a child. She comes by my house occasionally. I'll admit I groan at times seeing her walk up my steps. A blue crayon has traces of her on my mop and a support board on our veranda. The laptop has been pounded by her fingers when she's left out of my reach. Toys have never been mistreated like they are when she is here. Her mouth produces words I didn't know till I was a teenager. Discipline was/is unnecessary because she is too little. (according to her father)  Her mother just made a child with a next man....a mere boy himself. Meet Angelica...she's three years old. Pray that I would have patience with her and know how to handle her when she is here.

Her cousin is in Kindergarten in the Limes school. My first impression of him was not much different than hers. I would pass him on the road and he would have no respect and wouldn't greet me like Grenadian children are supposed to. His father is in prison. His mother was a teenage runaway. He comes by me almost every afternoon. Times have changed for him since he entered school. He's polite and respectful when he's here and plays by himself well....if his cousin isn't along. He likes to tell me what he learned in school, sing me his latest Christmas program song and reprimand his cousin when she cusses...."God will deal with her ent miss?"It's encouraging to see the transformation that good influence on a small part of the day can bring in this young boy's life. Pray for five year old Himron and his mother if you think about it!

And then there's Piper the Peeper...or so I named it. After hearing it peep for nearly an afternoon I went in search of it. Found alone, not more than two days old, I searched for the mother. I know the chickens around here and knew there was none this small that I had seen as yet!
As soon as I put it in the box it made a set of annoying noise I couldn't stand. So around the house on my shoulder it went. This is where it wanted to sit...right up under your chin. The pictures of Jalisa with it are cuter than me!

These children took home a pet. It survived their hands...but not the hands of a neighbor child!

Football continues late afternoons till dark in the pasture. I go down most nights and watch or take pictures. 
 Warm ups

It's wet and muddy and produces dirty wash for me but that's ok!

Goooooooaaaaaalllll....scored by my man!!!!

small men practicing
Jade and BJ

 With all the rain we have been having this past week I am seeing some long awaited results in my tomato plants! My first tomato is getting BIG! So amazing how these plants started from little seeds I dried out of a tomato!
As you can see my beach day got a little wet also. The house up on the hill is where my husband has been working the last while!

"Oceans will rise, kingdoms will fall: but the Word of the Lord stands forever." Is.40:8

My afternoon buddy has reached. I should be going!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Food & Fellowship

Hungry?...apparently it was in it's dying days!

 Maybe this picture is more appetizing?
This is manicou (possum) that joined a pot of Brown Down. It was a free Friday night so Sid cooked the pot and we hosted the event.
....These ingredients maybe look more appealing. Okra, potatoes, carrots, and many seasonings were included in it as well!

Not so bad looking after all eh?
 Quite delicious...the dumplings are one of my favorite and I ate more of those than anything else!

As a farewell for Pastor John and Ms. Rachel the churches got together at a playing field. It was accompanied with delicious bbq chicken and macaroni pie supplied by the Laborie people!


Since it is almost routine to post a picture of my pets I better would. lol. Here are the nine, little, freshly hatched peepers that showed up yesterday! I can't wait to work with chicks again when I get stateside.

Ginger so kindly took pictures for us for Christmas cards. Hopefully you will see them sometime in the next month or so!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day for the Ladies

Since the men spent a day and night on a camping trip the ladies decided to take a day trip as well. With Pastor John as the chauffeur we took a tour around the island. It didn't quite work for everyone to join us.
 Standing from left to right: Amanda Eberly, Sarah Herr, Rachel Brubacker, Jana Mapson, Rose Richards, Crystal, Natalie Martin, Jalane Miller, Leann Lauver, Lori Weaver, Katrina High, Jen Lapp, and Joyce Weaver.
Front: Wilma Schrock, Myself, Ginger Fox and Rhoda Snyder.
The bus was too heavy so we had to unload and walk up the hill!

 Our first stop was Spice Isle Petting Zoo
although I've been there before it was nice to be there and not have little kids to keep an eye on the whole time. These guinea pigs brought back childhood memories!

 Iguanas-if a Grenadian would "hold" (catch) one of these it would be cooked in no time!

 Ginger the baby monkey

Manicou as we call it in Grenada...stateside possum! They are very good to eat!

We also toured the Chinese gardens. They grow the plants and farmers around the island come and take them from there.
Coconut Tree

 lovely orchids

finding some shade from the sweltering sun

Luke-the Chinese man- has lived in Grenada for three years. He said he never heard the name Jesus until some time ago someone gave him a Bible. Pray for him if you think about it!

Lokalohm housing development that was built by the Venezuelans for low income families.

Natalie and Amanda taking a break by a beach along the way.

Morgan was the only child that got to come along. She was a good little trooper!

We ended the day by eating supper at a little restaurant in Grand Anse. It was a lovely day.

This past weekend was a busy one as well but I believe I will leave it for another blog since this one is full of pictures already.