Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas and the such

I love Christmas...well buying gifts in general. Who doesn't like a good excuse to spend money on those you love. We didn't get Kai much since he won't remember it anyway other than on pictures.
Kai couldn't wait to taste that wrapping paper.

His gifts. The paper was more fun though of course!

We spent Christmas eve day at my mom for a delicious supper. Kai was sick a lot of the week so he wasn't the happiest baby.

Lauren can hardly have it when he cries and wants me. When the scream intensifies she hands him back pretty fast!

 They had to sing a song to grandma before they got a gift. These three girls contemplated going without!

This was also Madison's first Christmas even though she is almost 1!

He would have nothing to do with being laid down to sleep for some reason. So I barred the noise and he napped this way. Yes his hair is curling when it feels like it...usually if he sweats!

If you hear loud music from the Glen Fox residence when you pass this is why. 

Plenty of help!

Yummy paper for days!

He still don't get around. He's content sitting...and laying on his belly for awhile. He moves some but not intentionally. I am told to enjoy it. The doctor said he might just decide to walk and skip the crawling. That's what I did so it shouldn't be a surprise.

The favorite part of the day is when his dad comes home. Squeals and jumping around are usually what takes place!

No wonder he don't learn to crawl...his mom just has him bird watching all day. lol

Daddy on diaper duty!

...and a few from November
I pushed for him to take his nuk. Finally at 5 months he decided he likes it!

 We babysat one night...well as you can see I didn't have much babysitting to do other than make supper.

...and then another night

 we spent a weekend in Belleville

 Kai at 6 months weighing 18lbs 7oz. chug-a-lug!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time is fleeting...

The days go the slowest. The weeks fast and the months faster.  How is our baby 5 months already?
He jumps for over an hour in this swing. Chews on anything he can get in his mouth. His two teeth are through and getting BIG!

He's a good man. We love when it's time for him to come home. If Kai is awake when he comes home you will see thrashing arms and hear screams of delight. How do they learn so young?

He thinks it is easier to bathe him here than in the tub!

Waking up is so much fun. He usually lays in his crib and talks for awhile but at the sound of KAI...his head is straight up peering over the crib at me. Then he lays it back down for my kisses and smiles with delight.

He still doesn't roll. Why would you, after all, if you are content with the toys in front of you?

We ventured out to my sister Kris for the day. The first time all alone. Thankfully he slept the entire time both ways. She was doing a photo shoot for someone so she snapped a few of Kai as well.
 Mariah just couldn't stay away!

We are hearing he is looking more like his mom more and more. We finally got out the baby pictures and my husband is starting to think he is more me than him now. I believe the top half of his face is Fox. The nose and mouth I can't claim. I believe that makes him a good mix. 

We spent a weekend at the cabin with two of my brothers. It was a beautiful warm fall weekend. Kai did well for his first cabin trip.
Fatty...yes he is!

Addy and Aleah fight like I never knew two little girls could. They also have their fun times as well...few and far between. Hopefully in another year it will be better!

He went out archery hunting with my brother. Now he thinks maybe he would enjoy that! I'll enjoy the meat...just get it somehow!


Getting his practice!

This swing was nice to have if his cousins could leave him jump.

It doesn't seem that long ago I was holding Mary Kate like this. So crazy how fast time goes! I really don't wanna think about what the next 12 years look like!

She found this on our walk. Her attempt to scare her uncle with it didn't work.

He really is almost always this happy. When he is tired he whines a little and usually a little rocking and he is asleep. His two teeth came in with no sickness. I feel blessed and am hoping he is this easy of a teether all the time!

Really mom? The smiles were scarce cuz it was naptime and when it is naptime he wants to sleep! are finished.

I am back at work again. Ginger babysits for me. It's just one day a week and fun to be back in the hatchery. It splits up my week and doesn't make my week quite as boring. Some days just drag...but work day not so much. You can see Ginger is good at putting him to sleep :)

And then we had family pictures back whenever....They turned out great. I still feel a little fat from the baby but...we are slowly returning to normal. lol.  I will share ours so that way the others can share theirs. 

Two and a half years...some of the hardest but most rewarding ever. I wouldn't change a thing. Not ever!