Monday, June 20, 2016

Kai Anthoney

Well as much as it is hard to believe the day would ever come for Kai's birth, it did. Here we are still happy about being admitted and hoping things begin to progress faster! Unfortunately back labor set in and I gave in to an epidural after pain like I have never experienced. There were no other babies being born at the time so my room had a student in along with 3 others that were practicing on me as well. It's hard to care what or how many people do things when you are in that state. With contractions more bearable we began the "pushing" at 7:30 p.m. Thus started the waiting game, dilated and still no BIG appearance of little man. A little after 11 p.m. I became immune to my epidural and was so done. After hours of pushing and then back labor all over again I was weak and had no energy left to try to unstick the little one who was not only face up but also caught on my pelvic bone due mainly to his face up position. C-section was decided. I was never so excited to have the pain gone. The 15 minute prep time felt like forever. 

oh the anticipation looking at those little things!

Lauren was the sweetest nurse and took care of me so well. She had off the next day so we thought we wouldn't see her again but...a c-section had us in longer and she stopped by for a visit when she heard we were still there!

 I lay on that c-section table with arms flopping around uncontrollably and a husband there ever supportive.Once again there were people everywhere in that room because it was slow and who doesn't like to witness a birth? I could feel the three cuts, rips, pressure...whatever you wanna call it and then the push on my belly to get this dear one down where he needed to be. As soon as I felt my belly deflate I heard his ever loud WAIL. He continued the noise until he was in my arms.
11:38 p.m.

He snuggled right in and at the sound of my voice instantly stopped crying. A rather teary moment but oh so glad he was out and well. God is good!

Proud father. 

My sister, sister-in-law and niece were there in the waiting room waiting for a glance.

I never felt so handicapped from the numbing as they moved me from the surgery table to bed. I was dead weight.

Chiny chin chin picture...but we are happy!

A weight that even the doctor didn't think he was right before the c-section. 

Oh so tired but so in LOVE! 

 Grandma and Grandpa were at the cabin so they had to wait a day to see him!

Aww...that eye contact!

It was so nice to have visitors especially since we were stuck in there a few days!


Got quite the callick(sp) going on there!

Going home...

He's not missing a thing!

visitors at home sweet home!

We couldn't be more happy with this little man. I adore those bright eyes even if it's in the middle of the night and mine are half closed. He truly is a miracle!

He's spent a few early mornings like this so I can get a little sleep before he leaves for work!

MUAH!...peeling skin and all!

He gets me every time. He's been this alert since birth. Even the Drs and nurses commented on it!

Addy finally got to meet her cousin. No more questions of how and when he will come out and what color he will be!

...oh my lil mocha baby!

Auntie Kris gave the first bath!

A family of three. First Sunday at church at 12 days old.

I still feel that the reality of this little life in my hands hasn't really sunk in. How long does it take to  realize he is ours? It was a long wait but it was worth it and we thank God daily! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Months that slipped by..

Let's continue from long ago it was. Bucket, Bill, Paul and Lynette went for Sid and Tracy's wedding. Brenda and I spent the extended weekend together going hither and yon.

This little man join me for one night while his parent's were away. It was good preparation!

Melody and Bay came by one afternoon. Mel blessed us with enormous Starbucks to keep us going!

Their mom was sick so we took selfies and sent them to uncle!

I thought I was big then...sigh!

A baby shower for little man the end of the month. It was fun to get prepared for the arrival!

this ball was a favorite gift!

 Some of the friends that came!

Work= chick pictures on the belly!

In March we decided on this house to move to and rent. It needed some fresh painting and a few other things. Mom and I along with my in-laws set to work so we could be moved in by the end of April.


As much as he didn't wanna paint he offered to do the kitchen. It was the most time consuming room to do and I was ever grateful. Mom and I ended up painting far more than we planned. The walls didn't appear to have ever been cleaned!
 new counter tops made a big difference!
There's even a pond on the property that looks like it should be more for swimming. Unfortunately it appears to be a neighborhood fishing spot which concludes why there are no fish bigger than six inches!

Mom and I enjoy going out to Kris for the day. We usually end up going to Community Aide and Goodwill and whatever else we have time for. This lil miss is a super happy shopper!

After spending six weeks in Grenada, Paul and Lynette returned and spent a few days with us before heading home. The bus they brought down from NYC took longer than planned and I missed my surprise baby shower  at church because I was picking them up. 

The end of April came rapidly and we were packing up to move. Bill and Brenda decided to come the weekend of moving as well. It was fun to see them again after nearly two months. 

Bucket was working nearby at the new hatchery so it was nice to check in!

visited dear Melody at school one day. This was to happen many months ago and here it is nearly the end of school already!

I had a birthday...and we celebrated 37 weeks with this lil man we are more than excited to meet him!

 Mom was babysitting Owen, Addy and Jude so I stopped in after work. They were sure I should have a cake so mom quick made one!
Looks like cake is the last thing I need!

My dear mother turned 60! We celebrated with a brunch at Tomato Pie Cafe!

My dad also planned a party after we had one planned for her and her friends. He rented a banquet room at Yoder's and invited family and friends. 

She's smiling and deep inside we know she appreciated it but she claimed "I couldn't even enjoy my food." lol...oh mom!

 As if two days of partying isn't enough we made a third day the finale. Turning 60 is a big deal ya know!

She got quite a few aprons...I guess it's a sign she might need them!

Some of her cronies from back in her day! They still do quite a bit together!

With just two weeks to go we are eagerly anticipating the arrival. I would be more than ok if he came sooner!