Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prayers and Praise

"Commit thy ways unto the Lord, trust in him and he shall bring it to pass." Ps. 37:5

My husband encouraged me to take a verse each day and meditate on it. This was the first verse that I pulled out of the stack. Hmm....SMACK! God knows what and when I need something. He has proved himself real in so many ways in the past week or so in answered prayers. Prayers that so many times "I" think should be answered immediately. God's timing is always perfect. One of those answered prayers was work for my husband. After what seemed like a long "waiting" time, God came through. He always does, it's just so hard to wait.
Did I learn lots in the waiting time? ABSOLUTELY. (more than I thought necessary maybe)
Was it fun? NO. 
Were we criticized through this time? ...ummm ....uhuh. But who are people? God's ways are so many times not what our human minds think how things should be. 
Would I go through it again? Sure... I believe I will be better prepared for what it holds and rely more fully on my God and what he can and will do...I hope!
What did I learn most? I have no right to judge someone because their life is not going how I think it should be. How do I know that is not exactly where God has them and is molding them for something far greater than I can see. Possibly teaching them lessons to last a lifetime! May I never judge.

The men had camp on Friday-Saturday so the ladies got together and had pizza and homemade ice cream.

We also spent Saturday on the beach. Lots of kids, clear water and SUN!

How can one not be jealous?

fishermen pulled in a net. They had lots of "white kids" help as well.
Girls can too.

I could never tire of this beauty!

 Sunday we had singing at the Poor House- a government run home for handicapped/elderly people.
It is always full of entertainment.

 Bible Club continues to go well. There is always over 15 kids who come. These pictures are for you Rhonda.







 Yesterday I went up to LaBorie and joined Katrina and Ginger in making tortillas. My freezer is now set to go for a little!

This half grown chick is getting pretty brave. I was sure it was going to fly in the house. That would have been trouble.

Every weakness you have is an opportunity for God to show His strength in your life.
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9

Continue to pray for the churches and the work down here. Many things are not "peaches and cream" but may I and you remember that some day we will be responsible to God in the choices that we are making whether they affect the community around us or the church God has us in! It's a sobering thought.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

School fun, fishing & friends

As I sit here with the warm tropical breezes blowing, I hear the neighbor man gracing us all with his Christmas tunes. Is it really nearing that time? It doesn't matter how many years I have spent Christmas in Greenz...Christmas can't seem to be Christmas without coldness. Let's forget that. We have a few months yet. 
Last week I spent three days substituting second grade in the Limes. It was fun and I enjoy multiple days much better than one day here and there. They were a great class and I enjoyed it.
This young man, Cassiddee, kept me alert the whole day. 

Painting for Art Class

Peter, Nicki, Cassiddee

Children's Church
An hour or more of story, game and a project, followed with snack.
Twenty kids is plenty for that period of time!

 My husband and I enjoy fishing. The sky darkened for our Friday night fishing. We hurried to beat those threatening clouds, packing supper and grabbing a long bread on the way. The rain came and it didn't stop. Neither did we. After all we had already gotten halfway there. Over the rivers and through the briars till we found a patch to shelter from the torrents. It was now more of a priority to umbrella-ize the backpack than ourselves. As the rain eased up a little we sat on the rainsoaked earth and broke bread, quickly threw out our lines and dodged back to shelter. Not 5 min later we checked our lines and soon had 3 fish.

The rain was heavier than the breeze but lest you think there was no breeze, it nearly swept me away a few times as I grabbed for rocks to hold on too. OK so it was a bad combination of heavy breeze, wet slippers, and slippery rocks.
We sheltered together, barring the wind, trying to stay warm as the shivers overtook us. My one fish I caught was enough for me. I HATE BEING COLD!

It was enough for a meal. We won't complain.

Their mother was killed by the dogs one night. I take pity and feed them.

I promise she is real. I am pretty sure she is as perfect as they come.

Kayla is the big sister, always smiling and in my arms as soon as I reach!
Almost two years old she is still not walking consistently. How I wish I could take her back to the states with me and get proper therapy for her little body!

Baby fever maybe? ha!
 Kevona, my lovely friend and mother to three adorable kiddos

A panoramic picture of our fishing grounds and my favorite fisherman. 

Pray for:
~ the churches and leadership here
~the community
~my husband and I as we make stateside preparations in the next months

With two young men's lives gone in a weeks time just nearby, diseases everywhere and many uncertainties even in my own life, I am challenged by this quote.
"Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's PEACE."

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life Up In "the Hole"

Life is actually starting to move with a little more speed. As of now I am thankful for that. Maybe when it is time to depart the warmth of the island to the snowy north I might not wish for the speed again!
Skyping family across the miles. It's always fun!

I just love this picture!

 The other Saturday Sammy roasted corn for some of the church people. 
I had more than my share. It was better than the last I had bought along the road.

 Football continues every night in the pasture. Most likely you will find me watching for an hour or so in the evenings.

 On our fishing venture one night with Chris and Katrina we watched this British flight take off.
We decided if it doesn't lift off we won't remember what hit us!

It never gets tiring watching flights come in and go out!

A beautiful unedited sunset

Children are rather entertaining although a few times I was scared they would go out over the edge in their excitement to see if a fish was on the line!

Someone once said they would go fishing with her any day! She is fun!

My husband got me beat with this big fish although it don't look big on here. 

 These watermelon plants are doing much better than previous ones planted. I am anticipating a hillside of watermelons just now!

Just thought you should all see the beauty of this place!

Ever so sweet Bible club kiddos

Some football fun for a little bit.

And that's all for the time. The rest of the week I am substituting at school.

"Jesus died for you, knowing you might never LOVE him back. That is true love."