Friday, September 2, 2016

Our life since Kai

Life has been busy. Mothering much busier than I imagined.  I couldn't ask for a more content, sleepy baby but it seems when he sleeps I have lots to quick do. while he sleeps I shall catch up on my long overdo blog. Hopefully this can catch you up to the 3 month mark. Yes our baby is three months. My husband seems to think Kai hasn't changed much since he was born. I suppose he isn't the one lugging...yes lugging this fat boy around. He still does look a lot the same but has definitely lost the newborn look. He loves to kick, squeel, and coo all day long when he is awake. If mom is talking to him it's even better!
"They" say you don't realize how much you love him till he has a child. I say it's true! He's the best!

Lorida Burkholder volunteered her services. She did a great job.

Kai absolutely refused to sleep the entire time. Yes it was his nap time. Yes if I feed him he always sleeps. Do you think he would sleep? no dreamy, sleepy poses! We love his dark eyes though!

I like my moby wrap and he does too....but these days it's much to hot for it!

I like to put him on duty in the evenings....after all he needs some time with him and I need some time without.

He's a fought over little man!

matchy matchy

Bath times are one of my favorites. Nothing like a clean baby smell!

This boy has been alert since the beginning. As soon as a camera or phone is somewhere near him he will stare it down. I have a feeling I won't get away with much!

Meeting Granny for the first time. He looks as excited as her!

Granny bought this onesie when we were in Grenada visiting. Crazy he's old enough to wear it. At the time it looked so big :( We spent a weekend by Bill and Brenda. The first weekend Rose and Thaddeus were in PA. 

waiting for our boat ride at Penns Cave

He slept the whole time through the dark, cold cave. Yes I didn't know it was going to be cold...well I didn't even know what Penn's cave was. lol. His grandmother was having a fit he didn't have much clothes. I did find a hoodie and socks thankfully!

Just now little man, you can defend yourself!

Sid gave the turtle. He is delighted by its "I love you"
2 months old!

Raymond Burkholder's made a quick visit by us. It was a good time but kinda sad as well reminiscing the friendship Raymond and Glen used to have when he was still living. 
Rose and Thaddeus stayed by us for almost 3 weeks. She was a good babysitter when I needed to quick run to the store or my  mom or just to make supper!

 I think they make cute Amish
Two Sammy's meet. It couldn't get any better!

Jodi and Brian came for the weekend along with Keith and Kathy Bauman. Keith's stayed with my parents since our house was full. It was a fun packed weekend with many people stopping in.
Jaymi and Kai
Who would have thought that 7 years ago when we met for the first time in that Blue House in Laborie that we would one day have little boys 2 weeks apart. This mothering has been fun doing it together with her even though we are states apart!
The husbands even babysat so we could spend a nice relaxing time at the coffee shop. It was just what I needed after a busy 2 weeks!

of course dominoes

Nevin and Theda

Blue house girls. Melody, Bethany and Jethro (3 weeks older than Kai) and Jodi and Jaymi.
I served with Melody and Jodi two years and Bethany one year!

Thaddeus said he thought this trip was gunna be mostly Rosie meeting up with her friends. He didn't realize how many of his he would get to see as well. I can vouch for him that this was the highlight having Keith's come from Canada!

slow down lil man

She helped me can peaches. 

I guess our garage was dirty. Ok I know it's one of those things that takes least priority. Apparently it was top priority for Thaddeus. The first morning they were here he was cleaning it at 6 a.m. How's a new mother to get up and stay up that early? I thought I was done for for the next three weeks but things didn't continue like that thankfully and I did manage to spend pretty many mornings sleeping as late as my child allowed!

He also helped my brother Kendall most days he didn't have other things planned. He might need one of these in Greenz now :)

Bumper and his girlfriend came down for a weekend as well. We had all our bedrooms filled and lil mister got to sleep in our room. I don't miss those days...he makes TOO much noise in his sleep!



..and the beautiful momma

his niece and nephews....he spoils already!

We had such a fun weekend with the family together. Just missed Danesha!

Kai has someone talking to him and he still manages to find his mother taking a picture! Too smart!

One of the last places we took Rose and Thaddeus was Sight and Sound. Samson was showing and is definitely worth your time. ----and money I suppose$$$
 We left the baby with my brother's family. It was the longest we've been apart.I really wanted to enjoy the show and he did great with them. I don't know if I laughed more at the show or the people we had with us. A horse came down the aisle and apparently Rose hadn't heard the warning at the start that this does happen. We had a good time and had to run to keep after Thaddeus when it was over. We wanted to beat the rush and I do believe we were the first car out! lol.

My parents took us to Kauffman's Bbq. It is a family favorite. Rose and Thaddeus attempted mini golf and decided it was harder than it appears! Getting their practice before we started! We had fun.

Mom babysat so I could WIN! lol

My favorite men!

...and this was us Monday morning after EVERYONE left. My house was quiet. Almost too quiet but it was oh so good to be just us again! One can only go and go and go for so long!

We introduced the bumbo at about 11 weeks. He does well until he gets lazy and lets his head fall back!

He can kick up a storm and lift his legs on his belly but hasn't managed to roll as yet!
these bright eyes....They may get him out of trouble if something doesn't change!

3 months
He LOVES to eat but he spits out formula like hello?? So...attached to mommy he is! He sits in his seat while I cook and as long as I am talking to him, even with my back turned away, he will be content talking right back. He loves his play mat and spends a lot of time on that...maybe too much time on back and not belly...thus the not rolling yet!

Kai and Great Grandma Fox...his only great grandparent living!

She had 18 children of her own. It is fun to hear her talk about child rearing. Incredible how she can remember who did what and when. Last week, 66 years ago, she became a mother. Vera died at age 12 I believe, so never lived to see her huge family. 

Family pictures are finally taken. Till next time they should be on the blog. It might be a few months though!
He wasn't too impressed with me pinning his hands down, away from his mouth, for the pictures!