Monday, June 22, 2015

In the last month...

Another month has passed. After that fun weekend at the cabin with friends we spent the following weekend with family.

This little miss was my daughter from Fri-Saturday till her parents came. She liked to copy her grandpa. We left her door open to sleep but forgot a light. She woke up crying in her pak-n-play and her auntie was to blame..."Angie put me in here." She slept the rest of the night with her cousins.

 Her brother had to have a tooth surgically removed so that is why they came late.

We went up earlier than the rest so they could dig out for the new fire pit.

Discussions? Debates?...some might call it arguments. All is well that ends well :) I mean...the pant legs are even up!

Aleah adores Lauren and will not be put down unless Lauren can get away and hide!

one last boat ride...since the pond is being drained. I'm rather bummed about that!

 I'll leave you guess who wasn't impressed with this 6+ foot guy. You can tell it wasn't Isaac. He drove the 4-wheeler back while his dad held it like this on the stick!

 He loved this dog...or any dog!
 Call me biased but he is really cute.
 a turtle getting some initials carved in him. He was a feisty one and refused to stay inside his shell.
A walk.
games and more games.

We had a little date night. My hubby whooped me in mini-golf.
...and then I drug him to Starbucks. He had to admit it wasn't too bad.

And then there was the time where three brothers were reunited and spent the weekend all in the same house. It made for late nights and yummy food (some we even caught)


My yard sale finds 

The poor girl....

Bethany and Judah so nicely left us come and fish in a pond on their grandparents land. It took awhile but we were successful and grilled those babies Sunday lunch.

The husband played in a 3 vs. 3 small goal football tournament. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun to sit and watch him do what he enjoys.

And they managed to pull through and win. They are a fun group of guys.

Last week Bucket helped my brother move the slats back in his chicken barn. We were enjoying our "after work" ice cream when in came Genie on his gator with some visitors from by gone days.
 I believe you can see they were excited to see each other. Pastor Raymond used to pastor with Bucket's father and lived in Grenada for many, many years.

Yesterday was Father's day. We celebrated with wings, fries, steak, burgers and salad. 

she is the most talkative 2 year old I know.  Adalyn



wild kiddos. Diving through the hula hoop.

He's my favorite. It has been an adjustment but God is faithful.

In other news....his paper work should be through before long. WE.HOPE. The attorney has everything he needs and just has to mail it to the higher powers. We are both more than ready for the "normal American life." You can keep it in your prayers as it comes to mind.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It has been a whirlwind and as my husband would say...we are in the "rat race." How did we get here this fast. I look back on my last blog. It looks so cold and long ago but some days it seems like we just arrived here and we have adjusting to do. I will not try to catch you up on our lives. It would take too long and I don't have the time. You see it's been so bad that you could drive passed my house at night and see the blinds unshut, the flower beds weedy, front grass long, and the garden...(just be glad it's in the back)....But I have a job. I have a husband that puts up with my overstressing....and I have food to cook (when I have time). Already running late for my 5 o'clock morning work today I was slowed down when my mug of hot tea went crashing to the floor. The little jig I had to do to avoid the boiling contents had my eyes open in no time. Really I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Sometimes it's not fun to be in a hurry. It's especially hard to relearn after living in a country that has no schedule. So here's to our life in the month of May. April slipped us by and we will leave it there.
I had a birthday. The BIG 3-0. Red Lobster is where he promised me we would go. 
We both ordered Lobster platters. Mine was rice heaped with crab legs, lobster tail and two kinds of shrimp. We had a coupon for a free dessert but we weren't feeling glutenous. 

Mom had a birthday and mother's day is always around the same time. This year it was a day apart. I had the family that it suited for lunch on Mother's Day. It was the first I cooked for so many people. It was fun making nutmeg chicken. 

Dad got more wood than he could ever cut himself so the sons and son-in-laws got together and did what they could in an evening. Only half of it I believe they said.

It was one of those weeks. Work, Doctor appts (for the hubby), and more work all the while preparing for a weekend at the cabin. I was so glad I had the weekend to push me through the week. Former LaBorie teachers spent the weekend at my parent's cabin. It was simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Fishing, walks, spikeball, rook, phase 10 and just wonderful talks catching up on life. I don't believe I have laughed so hard in a very long time. Really it was just like old times fast forwarded 5 years.
It's good this wasn't around when the "Blue House" lived together or LaBorie would have heard us even more. Competition was high!

All we did was walk up the field lane but till we returned there were deer ticks on Jaxson and I. There's a first for everything!

unfortunately the BIG catfish got away so we settled for blue gills the rest of the day. SIGH!

Bethany always was good at the kissy pictures and Melody was still trying to catch up with what to do...while all Jo cared about was that her "right side" was showing. Lol! I love them.

Her brother had us smitten with his cuteness but she sure is putting up a fight. So much fun and I will claim her as family!
He's big stuff...and his favorite word when we are around is "UNCLE."

filleting the multitudes

caught it with a hook, grilled it and ate it like a boss!

lush cabin beauty

He claimed he had the touch...apparently he did.

Till we meet in Indiana...It's been good! Real Good!